Kirti Kusum Joshi

Dean(IT & Engineering)

Greetings and welcome to the Lumbini Technological University Institute of Engineering & IT (LTU-IoEIT).

In our rapidly changing world, we face both uncertainty and promise. The emergence of
AI has us both thrilled and worried. We face the urgent need to address climate change
to save the world. There are several other examples that show the magnitude and
variety of challenges that we now face.

At LTU-IEIT, we view challenges as opportunities. Our goal is to provide a top-tier
education at undergraduate and graduate levels that not only prepares our students for
current obstacles, but also equips them with the tools to confront future uncertainties.
Through   a   combination   of   advanced   research,   rigorous   coursework,   and   hands-on
experience, we aim to cultivate knowledgeable and skilled graduates who can make
meaningful contributions to the fields of engineering and IT.

Our primary focus is on ensuring that our students are exposed to the most relevant
topics and emerging technologies, so that they can succeed in today's competitive job
market. Our academic programs are designed to be both efficient and effective in
meeting current and future market demands, with courses covering important issues
such as climate change, sustainability, and inclusion, as well as cutting-edge subjects
such   as   cybersecurity,   AI,   Smart   City,   and   IoT.   Furthermore,   our   programs   offer
opportunities for specialization in specific themes.

Our university may be new, but our ambitions are vast. We warmly invite those who are
passionate about expanding their knowledge and advancing their careers in engineering
and IT to join us in this exciting journey.