Prof. Dr. Binod Prasad Dhakal

Vice-chancellor, Lumbini Technological University
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Welcome to Lumbini Technological University! Here at LTU, we believe that our top priority is to produce a highly skilled workforce and technological entrepreneurs. At LTU, we are planning on a different approach to education. Our focus will be to transition from the traditional theoretical approach to the modern practical and research-oriented approach in academics. In recent times, higher education globally has witnessed a significant change in approach. This has led to an increment in the productivity and efficiency of the graduating students. 

At LTU, your entrepreneurial enthusiasm will be respected and nurtured. The faculty will encourage you to pursue your ambitions by providing the resources within the University’s capabilities. The University’s goal for introducing more internships to the curriculum is to promote an environment where students can exhibit a passion for learning, personal growth, and development of character while shaping campus life around the principles of service, ethical leadership, and engagement in our local and global communities. During your academic journey, seize the moments to engage in the vast array of university resources. These resources will guide you toward your academic goals.